Variable arm base (for Jaeger & YD-2E & RR)

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\2,570 JPY
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\2,220 JPY
Drift Accessories/RX-12J CE-RX Suspension relationship/YD-2 suspension
Convenient item for holding the toe rod of the rear variable arm

Can be installed by tightening together with the suspension block.
Adjust the height using a spacer etc. for mounting.

* YD-2 suspension arm and MRT knuckle are used without processing.
Because of the axle specifications for YD-2. a 2.5mm thick collar with an inner diameter of 10.1 and an outer diameter of 12 is used inside the axle.
(Completed with each companys A arm. each companys AWD knuckle. etc.)

YD-2 Short Rear Suspension Arm Suspension Block (for Jaeger)
Installation example
Attached to the mounting hole of the suspension block with a 3 x 5 button screw

Aluminum rear suspension mount for YD-2 D
Installation example
Attach the suspension block to the chassis with 3 x 15 countersunk screws
Put a 3.5mm collar on the suspension block and attach it with a nut from above
Note: The explanation image uses silver parts for easy viewing. but this product is black.