Hopping Bone 4957

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\3,780 JPY
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\3,590 JPY
XXX-D drive relationship/DIB drive relationship/Doripake drive relationship
The length is automatically adjusted in 49mm ~ 57mm.
MST · YOKOMOetc.2¦Õ pin axle for

As effect
¢¨ counterweight effect
¢¨ power will be transmitted as reliably and smoothly in order to adjust the length of the rotation axis on does not change the fulcrum of the transmitted power.
¢¨ movement of the steering is smooth play of Tameashi around the tension in the rotation axis is applied by a spring that has been built is gone.

Because the way of traveling of power and movement around the front is smooth anyway. smoothness of the front is to have an instant effect important Ketsukaki vehicle.
I Please try because I think that it becomes a gem can not be removed once if I use it
It is recommended for those who trail and king pin angle and is attached in particular!