Re-R HYBRID 2017Ver.

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\88,560 JPY
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\79,700 JPY
<< Ver.2017 >>
Review all from scratch from the factory production line. it has been improved accuracy and quality.
main gear shaft housing add
And responding to the high output.
- By improving the accuracy of the rotating shaft. feeling enhanced by stable drive transmission.
minor change the front knuckle shape
Service Hall additional bearings.
spur gear holder mounting screw size change
And old M3 screws change to the new M4 screws.
And improvement of the drive transmission.
protector added to the center drive shaft joints
And drive the improvement of transmission efficiency

For DRIFT obtained a realistic [normal evolution! ! ]

Re-R HYBRID (Earl E. Earl hybrid)

D-Like is continue to seek realistic machine movement and sense of control! !
Re-R in aggregate cultivated experience and data. not caught in the radio control of the concept dedicated chassis is finally debut for the drift in the Favorite drift! !
Rush without any insatiable pursuit of the road that blurred the normal evolution of the Re-R
Rush to further heights in the drift-only chassis! !

Excellent came representation of the load movement of the left and right before and after seeking in the Re-R. is intact freon and midship layout of every motor side. the rear of the drive can control the linear accelerator the re attractions. such as the FR vehicle shaft drive! !
The reception is a natural drive transmission feeling in the belt drive! !
Easily finely can be changed before and after the drive ratio in the pulley exchange! !

high rigidity Silver chassis! !

aluminum parts standard full-featured! !
(Front and rear lower arm / front and rear knuckle / front and rear shock stays / aluminum damper / rear solid axle front one-way / before and after the bulk head / steering unit / servo mount / spur gear holder / battery mount / front upper arm / front upper suspension mounts)

front one-way standard equipment

full ball bearing specifications

adjustable oil damper

before and after universal shaft

adjustable turnbuckle

high rigidity Silver carbon chassis

[Separate what you need to run]
Transmitter-receiver amp motor servo battery charger Body is required.

like to have the battery / motor / servo / tires used in the image is not attached.