Duralumin 4.3 Pillow Ball (4 pcs) L = 10mm N = 3mm purple

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\1,598 JPY
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\1,380 JPY
Pillow ball related /RX-12J CE-RX Suspension relationship/RX-12J steering relationship/YD-2 suspension/YD-2 steering linkage
It is a part for EXPERT.

3mm thread type suitable for places with a small amount of screwing such as aluminum knuckles
Duralumin pillow ball pursuing outstanding cutting accuracy and lightness
Smart design and 4 colors casually dress up your machine

It is designed to emphasize the strength around the neck by reducing the weight using duralumin.
Design that emphasizes the amount of operation
Can be installed with a 2.0 mm hexagon wrench.
4 types are available according to the intended use
Succeeded in reducing the weight by about 60% compared to steel

The design with no corners makes the area around the linkage look neat.

Note: Since the backlash of the pillow ball and the ball end is reduced to the last minute. it is recommended to adjust with the ball end reamer if the movement is heavy.
Note: Please understand that it is a consumable part because it is sold as a part for EXPERT.