Center steering system for Grasshopper II (red)

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\9,900 JPY
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\8,410 JPY
Tamiya buggy parts
It combines drivability and style.

(1) By making the steering linkage symmetrical. the left and right steering angles can be made the same.
(2) By making the left and right turning angles the same. the operability when turning corners is improved.
(3) The steering rig linkage can be adjusted with a turnbuckle.
You can easily adjust the toe angle by turning the turnbuckle.

By placing the servo at the rear. the balance has been optimized.
In addition. the mounting position can be mounted without machining by using the existing holes.

Setting is easy because the steering linkage is symmetrical.
This can also be installed without machining by using existing holes.

The color lineup is red and black.

The screws necessary for assembly are also included. so you can assemble it with confidence.

*Cannot be installed on Grasshopper/Hornet.
*Silver color is used for guidebook. The product comes in two colors. black and red.