Drift dedicated spring Wire diameter 1.2 Overall length 34 (4 types / 2 each)

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\3,672 JPY
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\3,400 JPY
Damper & Spring
Drift dedicated spring RDS-L
Wire diameter: 1.2 mm
Overall length: 34mm
Total number of turns: 7.5 rolls. 8 rolls. 8.5 rolls. 9 rolls
Shot peening processed

The product is shot peened to prevent work hardening due to plastic deformation and to apply compressive residual stress to prevent settling.
Also. by applying a small amount of lubricating oil such as D-SPEC or low friction gear & thrust grease to both ends of the spring.
The texturing effect reduces the frictional resistance of the contact surface with the spring seat and promotes smooth compression movement of the spring.

This product is not colored or marked to prevent changes in its characteristics.
Sorry to trouble you. but please count the number of turns for identification.
The spring is supple and firm. so even a damper with low damping can capture the road surface smoothly.
Please try the drift-only spring with smooth load transfer and controllability.

¡Ú how to use ¡Û
This product has a total length of 34 mm.

It is designed so that the most stable rate rise curve can be exhibited at + -5 mm based on the basic preload of 10 mm.

A damper with a built-in spring is attached to the vehicle. and the total length of the spring at 1G is 24mm + -5mm.
If it exceeds. change the lever ratio or spring rate before use.

Specifically. if it is longer than 24 mm + -5 mm. soften the spring or increase the damper lever ratio.
Change (the mounting position of the damper on the suspension arm side is inward).

If it is shorter than 24mm + -5mm. make the spring harder or lower the damper lever ratio.
Change (the mounting position of the damper on the suspension arm side to the outside).