Brass wheel spacer (2.0mm)

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\1,080 JPY
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\1,100 JPY
YD-2 drive relationship
RD-005 ASL A brass wheel spacer that is a setting part for the front axle.

Compared to the aluminum foil spacer attached to the ASL front axle (RD-005). by adding a moderate weight to the front axle. it is possible to enter the inside side while maintaining stability at low speed corners. and out at high speed corners. It is possible to move to the side.
It is an ideal part for intermediate to advanced users to enjoy stable cornering as a setting part that matches the course layout and running. and for beginner to intermediate users.

The weight of the spacer is 1.98g (2mm: 0.65g / 4mm: 1.0g for aluminum). which was derived by the Rêve D development team through careful test driving for both 2mm / 4mm.
(The 4mm spacer is lightened to achieve a weight of 1.98g)

Enjoy the best setting according to the course situation with sharp aluminum. stable brass