SG bell crankset For bell crank car YD-2

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\7,700 JPY
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\7,000 JPY
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The next-generation steering system. SG Bell Crankset. is finally here!
By mounting the bell crank unit forward (3 degrees). the horizontal angle change of the tie rod during steering operation is minimized. and stable cornering characteristics are achieved.
In addition. by mounting the ball for the tie rod in the horizontal direction. Ackerman adjustment with a spacer is also possible.
There are two types of lineup. For those who use a bell crank specification machine. Bell crank car set. for those who use a slide rack specification machine. Slide rack car set that includes his bridge and servo mount. We have prepared.
Please try his SG bell crankset that has not only the goodness of bell crank but also the goodness of slide rack!