Conversion set for MC-2 SHIBATA GRK GSII EVO

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\48,600 JPY
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\45,000 JPY
GRK4 relationship
Scheduled to be shipped in late December

SHIBATA GRK GSII EVO conversion set MC-II is now available!
The MC-II was created by his Rêve D development team. led by Hayato Matsuzaki. the chief designer of Rêve D.
Its finally here.
Not to mention the goodness of his GSII EVO. which has a strong kicking feeling with the weight distribution closer to the rear. the suspension
By finishing the car to catch the road surface while actively moving the pension. it is easy to transfer the load and it is easy to handle.
I succeeded in making a machine.
Of course. it also corresponds to the regulation of GRK strongest championship deciding match scheduled to be held in 2022.
The Rêve D team driver will also be competing in his MC-II.
Conversion set MC-II that evolves his GRK GSII EVO from the perspective unique to the Rêve D development team
Please try!

* GRK GSII EVO. servo. ESC. battery. motor. pinion. wheel. tire. body. transmitter / receiver. etc. are required for driving.