Competition wheel DP5 (bronze. offset 6. 2 pieces)

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\1,296 JPY
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\1,200 JPY
Drift Wheel Offset 6-9
Introducing new colors Light Green & Bronze on DP5 wheels!

The competition wheel [DP5]. which is popular for its stylish design. light weight and high traction. is now available in two colors: light green with a light and sporty impression. and bronze with a luxurious feel!
While maintaining the highest performance of lightweight (about 11g per piece!) And high traction realized by optimizing the material. design. and dimensions of each part. the appearance of new colors will match more various body designs. Is now possible.
The offset is 6mm. and the adoption of a large inner diameter & thin rim that avoids interference with the suspension is the same as the current DP5.
Please try the DP5 wheel which added his sporty feeling and luxury feeling to the competition wheel which realized the best running performance!

A large diameter and thin rim is used inside the wheel.
The large diameter rim avoids interference with the ball end and suspension arm. and the thin rim gives a moderate amount of deflection to greatly improve traction performance.