Shock O-ring Type RS (4 pieces for silicone oil)

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\385 JPY
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\350 JPY
Oring Ering
Introducing our new shock O-ring. ideal for Yokomo big bore shocks.
The O-ring that maximizes damper performance!
Controlling fine movements of the suspension is even more important for RC drifting. this O-ring helps achieve that control.
The Reve D O-ring. which was manufactured by reviewing the material and dimensions from scratch. realizes smooth movement of the shock shaft while minimizing oil leakage
with excellent sealing performance.
Designed to work great with [RT-012 SPM Titanium Shock Shaft] perfectly!

In addition. RT-012 SPM titanium shock shaft was not recommended for AXON shocks. but now it can be used by using this O-ring together!

Please try the O-ring Type RS that unleashes maximum performance from your shocks!

This O-ring is exclusively for silicone oil.
Please note that it cannot be used for mineral oils.