HT rear lower arm (42mm caster angle 2.6 degrees)

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\5,000 JPY
In order to achieve the best rear traction. the Rêve D development team completed tests using various materials. shapes. and dimensions to create the HT (High Traction) rear lower arm!
The HT rear lower arm is machined from lightweight and highly rigid Duracon (POM) material. and the finish is highly precise. making suspension movement dramatically smoother.
There are two lengths: 42mm and 45mm. In addition to the 42mm caster angle of 0 degrees. we also have a caster angle of 2.6 degrees with an inclination on the outer pin side.
The 42mm and 45mm models with a caster angle of 0 degrees have a reversible structure. and by swapping the left and right sides. you can choose from two damper mounting heights.
The 42mm caster angle of 2.6 degrees makes it possible to increase traction without disturbing the suspension sinking by tilting the knuckles forward without adding a skid angle.
*Long type suspension mount (#8/#9. type TK #8/#9) is recommended for 42mm!
Please try the HT rear lower arm. which provides the best traction performance!

Can be used on vehicles with an inner suspension pin of 3mm and an outer suspension pin of 2mm. including the RDX.

M2 tapping screws x 4 (for fixing outer suspension pin)
POM 6mm thick spacer x 2
*Please use the included 6mm width spacer as appropriate depending on the suspension arm width of your vehicle.