NISSAN S15 Silvia WONDER body set

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\15,180 JPY
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\13,800 JPY
NISSAN/195〜199mm Body
The second collaboration with Addiction, which boasts a proven track record of realistic body modeling, is now available!
The second model is the NISSAN S15 Silvia WONDER, which is extremely popular in drifting.
In order to reproduce the impressive design of the WONDER Aero in every detail, it has been sculpted using a three-part body for the front, rear, and main body + separate aero parts.
Overall width is 198mm at the front and 193mm at the rear. The product also comes with over fenders with a width of 2mm and a width of 4mm on each side for rear vehicle width adjustment.
Please try the NISSAN S15 Silvia WONDER body, which realistically reproduces the impressive styling!

Total length: 473.9mm
Overall height: 121.2mm
Overall width: F 198/R 193mm
Wheelbase: 257mm

*The image is a completed sample, and this product is an unpainted polycarbonate body.
*The chassis, mirror, interior parts, intercler, wiper, muffler, etc. in the image are not included with the product.