AVS MODEL T7 Foil [deep face] Offset 8 Chrome Silver

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\1,120 JPY
Drift Wheel Offset 6-9
Officially recognized by Yokohama Rubber Co.. Ltd.
27mm width & 3mm hub compatible
(2) The inside taper rim realizes an increased cutting angle.
W traction structure achieves both bending and rigidity
Develop and adopt foil shape and best mix material
Inside taper rim: The inside taper rim has a structure in which the suspension arm and the like are less likely to interfere with each other by adding a large taper to the inside of the foil. and the outer peripheral surface of the foil is flexible.
Traction structure: The traction structure is a structure in which the foil rib part bends by lowering the rib inside the foil.
W traction structure: W traction structure is an original design aiming at the synergistic effect of inside taper rim and traction structure.
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