S-Line Premium shock TRF standard length cylinder & 28mm shaft specification

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\8,580 JPY
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\6,860 JPY
It is a high-performance damper that brings together ease of use and performance.
Each part of this product can be used in common with the TRF damper and TOPLINE damper. When installing to Reve D RDX. please change the rod end ball (pillow ball) of the damper top fixing part to 4.8mm. *sold separately
~ Contents of the set ~
Cylinder top cap x 2
Cylinder end cap x 2
Cylinder nut x 2
O-ring for cylinder nut x 2
2 x for damper top 4.8mm
Damper end (S) x 2 for 4.3mm
Damper end (M) x 2 for 4.3mm
Damper end (L) x 2 for 4.3mm
Spring retainer normal type x 2
Spring retainer 2mm down x 2
Perfect Diaphragm (White) x 2
D-Competition Diaphragm Medium (Blue) x 2
D-Competition Diaphragm Hard (Green) x 2
High precision hard alumite cylinder (black) x 2
D-Competition damper shaft 28mm2
Perfect ZERO-2
3 holes for damper piston CRV TRF x 2
High precision shaft guide x 2
Spacer x 2
Clearance adjustment shim 0.1mm x 4
Clearance adjustment shim 0.2mm x 2
*Spring is not included. Please purchase separately.
[2 pieces included]