Fusion high-density Formula carbon chassis type RS for YD-2

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\21,780 JPY
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\17,420 JPY
Rooky Drift/YD-2 belt converter/YD-2 chassis etc
Fusion conversion chassis for YD-2! !
Absolute performance principle
This product is the pride of Team TOPLINE. who created it with an emphasis on performance and disregarding cost.
An overwhelming sense of rigidity and a sense of stability that kicks off the road surface linearly.
Adopts a new high-rigidity. high-density carbon material.
Finished in a stylish design with a streamlined form.
Achieves a high level of lateral stopping when drifting. a kick feeling that comes out when accelerating. and turning performance! !
A high-grade carbon chassis with enhanced combat power.
The bulk (front. rear) and gearbox of the YD-2E/S/R/Z series (RD1.0. SD1.0. SD2.0) can be replaced as is.
RDXs front bulk and front lower suspension mounts can also be installed.
By milling both the front and rear. the suspension mount position can be lowered and installed.
1 set included