Super traction rear lower suspension arm 45mm

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\4,840 JPY
RDX/Rear suspension arm related/YD-2 suspension
This is a high-performance suspension arm machined from Delrin.
RDX and YD-2 series (RD1.0. RD2.0. SD1.0. SD2.0). etc.
Can be used for vehicles with an inner suspension pin of 3mm and an outer suspension pin of 2mm. Bearing support for inner suspension pin is possible.

*Bearings (630) with an outer diameter of 6 mm x inner diameter of 3 mm x thickness of 2.5 mm can be used.
Please note that depending on the combination of bearing and suspension pin. the shaft may not pass through the bearing. If it does not pass. please use sandpaper to thin the suspension pin.

The left and right sides have the same shape. so they can be used reversibly.

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