(HRC Original) DLC Damper Rod Demon and Barrel DLC

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HRC Original DLC Damper Rod Demon and Barrel DLC

Damper rod of whole body machined out by high precision machining processing in order to reduce the friction of the oil seal part to the limit.
Regarding the finish of the base rod. = mirror finish
Arithmetic mean roughness is roughly 0.2 Ra

Piston fixing is one screw included. No more complicated E ring is needed.

Because it is a dedicated TRF base design. shim adjustment is unnecessary when installing a piston.
It can also be mounted on OVERDOSE. HG damper.

Elevating the piston position to the top. increasing the stroke amount. even when the damper full stroke. the shaft prevents the diaphragm pushing up as much as possible.

Surface coating is luxuriously finest DLC finish DLC coats the famous domestic company in the coating world. so that high sealing performance of TIN coat and low friction resistance more than 3 times are compatible at high level.
It also improved the oil sealability and realized the long life of the damper.

The smooth motion without ever brings out the performance of the damper to the maximum. and it corresponds to the low of the drift course.
It realizes the movement of the car by the roll feeling seen by the eyes. the load movement in the front and rear.
From low damping force to high damping. you can set up a damper that suits your taste freely.

2 years warranty of trust. secure. If it gets scratched by wear due to O ring. we will exchange new article for free within 2 years.
* Scratches from the outside such as stepping stones. damage such as bending will not be covered.

Accessory: Special case. screw for piston fixing