HRC effect arm (aluminum lower arm)

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\27,860 JPY
Type C Suspension Related
Insert high-precision bearings into important moving parts of the lower arm
· Succeeded thinning than commercially available lower arm by adopting the Nakit method for the insertion part of the bearing
Since it does not raise the height of the suspension mount. it realized re-bump securing and lowering the roll center
· Expanding the setting width of the ball end more than ever with the turn buckle and the C leg extended collar.
· Reduce the friction of the movable part of the arm to the limit and adjust it to 100/1 mm. regardless of cutting precision of aluminum
- Adjustment of maintainability Adjustment of clearance. bearings already inserted. There is almost no backlash which is concerned about the bearing part
· Equipped with adjustment function to slide the main unit. Loosen the screw on the upper side and adjust the front and back
· Caster. wheel base can be adjusted without removing the suspension mount
· Because the slide part is jagged. there is no worry of being displaced.
- Increase the rigidity of the main body so as to correspond to various kinds of vehicles. slim the width.
· Lower base. arm. extension plate 3 piece configuration.
· Made in Japan. dedicated to low friction. use dry bearing.
· Increase body rigidity. hard surface black alumite finish + laser engraved
· Made in Japan of high precision cutting processing than high quality aluminum.
· Accessories: special case. expansion plate for mounting damper. emblem plate