3D rack post 7

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\6,048 JPY
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\6,040 JPY
Drift Accessories/GRK3 steering relationship
@ Carbature slide rack. rattan. GRK series. for slide rack. general purpose post

@ Compact and slim design using high-rigidity aluminum. so it can be mounted on various vehicle types.

@ The steering rack post of the main unit can move up and down when moving the slide rack left and right by making an angle at an angle. Succeeded in reducing the bump steering by optimizing the height of the slide rack in accordance with the vertical movement of the tie-lot mounting section that is generated by attaching the king pin angle of the knuckle.

@ The tilt angle can be corrected by moving the slide rack up and down. and it can be aligned with the lower angle. This reduces the bump steer and eliminates the lack of cornering of the outside (positive side) that is likely to occur at full counter.

@ The post part where the rack roller enters also size. review the total length. reduce the play of the roller and the rack. reduce the friction to the limit. and achieve smooth movement. It is adjusted to 1/100 mm in accordance with the cutting accuracy of aluminum.

@ At the time of installation. it is possible to make a hole in the side of the post and attach two rack posts at the same angle

@ Laser-engraved on hard black anodized finish for wear resistance and smooth operation
A separate roller. washer and slide rack are required for installation