Nerd damper shaft SS for big bore (2 pieces)

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\15,000 JPY
YD-2 suspension
Damping force adjustment function
Equipped with DFA mechanism (DAMPING FORCE ADJUSTMENT) Patent pending
The damping force of the damper can be changed by turning the dial (12 rotations). It is possible to finely change the setting according to the driving scene and the machine. such as suppressing roll and pitching to increase the sense of stability.

Suspension structure
We have fundamentally reviewed the making of radio-controlled oil dampers so far.
The nerd damper succeeded in flowing oil in the shaft like a shock of an actual car.
As a result. unlike flowing oil through the piston hole. he realized his suppleness and response improvement. road surface followability improvement. traction improvement in the whole area. and acquired excellent damping force characteristics.

Dedicated damper piston
By increasing the piston thickness. the damper rigidity is increased. the backlash during the stroke is greatly reduced. and the piston material is reviewed to reduce friction. and the shape of the surface that the piston hits is also considered.

Damper shaft surface treatment
Shaft surface is ¢¦¢¦¢¦¢¦ + processing
The damper shaft body. which comes into contact with the O-ring. has been redesigned from stainless steel to reduce friction. and has excellent wear resistance.
By super mirror finishing. we promise a supple and stable stroke.

SS kit
For those who want lower damping force. SS (Super Soft Kit). which is softer than normal nerd damper. is also on sale.
Oil flows from the main piston and the shaft body in three places to control the oil flow in the cylinder during compression.
For those who prefer soft dampers. we were able to achieve ideal damping characteristics.

* Please use a commercially available 3mm shaft for the O-ring.
* For damper oil. use Nd oil exclusively for nerd dampers.
* Cylinders. damper caps. diaphragms. rod guides. etc. are not included in the product.