Brass Knuckles 3X

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\15,012 JPY
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\15,290 JPY
Type C Suspension Related
-Introducing 3x. which is an evolution of Meriken Knuckle 3.
-Adopts high-strength A7075 body material to achieve strength and weight reduction.
-The tie rod mounting holes have been changed to two rows. optimized for easy adjustment of Ackerman with both wipers and slide racks. A sharp angle can be secured even for vehicles with a small swing width on the wiper side.
* By installing HMA Ver2. it is possible to further adjust the kingpin angle and change the geometry.

Adopted the industrys first dedicated 630 bearing to reduce the size

Short knuckle specifications like the knuckle of D1 vehicles
The rotation loss of the bearing part is reduced. and the car speed is increased by machining with high precision machining.

Significantly lightening the interference part of the tie rod that occurs when the cutting angle is increased.
In order to increase the adjustment range of the roll center. the kingpin mounting position at the bottom of the upright has been significantly cut.

Kingpin mounting holes: 6 places above and below
Kingpin angle: Kingpin angle is 0 4.75 maximum 9.5
Trail: Positive trail
Supports reverse mounting of knuckles

Kingpin angle. trail. scrub can be freely changed. and he is able to show his favorite turning angle and tires.

High precision. smooth rotation. and comes with high-grade stainless steel bearings made in Japan that are particular about friction.
Includes a dedicated axle that allows you to easily change the width of the vehicle

Laser engraved on the body with a hard black alumite finish

Higher precision cutting than high quality aluminum
HRC original parts case included

* The product includes left and right knuckle bodies. 4 dedicated bearings. 2 dedicated axles. axle screws. and aluminum collar (HMA high upper arm sold separately).