DLC Pillow Ball (Short) 4mm (4)

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\4,266 JPY
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\3,950 JPY
Pillow ball related
Surface coat
The surface coating is the finest DLC finish that shines luxuriously in the rainbow.
Compared to the demon and the gold rod DLC. the hardness is more than double. and low friction resistance is achieved at a high level.
Achieves a longer life for coated pillow balls. Both cutting and coating are made by JAPAN

Wide range of motion
In order to reduce the friction of the DRC joints and ball ends to the utmost. stainless steel is used as the machined material by high-precision machining to increase strength and corrosiveness.
Both the pillow ball and pillow ball nut are produced by cutting the interference part significantly to increase the range of motion of the tie rod.
Achieves a large range of motion compared to other companies products

2-piece structure
Pillow ball is made with a two-piece structure
It has a design that looks good and can be removed to expand the range of settings.
The friction at the ball end has been reduced to the ultimate level. achieving unprecedented smooth movement and fully compatible with the low ¦Ì of drift tires.
The movement of the undercarriage and moving parts is greatly improved.

* Tamiya type 4.8mm ball end. hard type is recommended