(Scheduled to be shipped in late January) MT-5 (RX-493i / PC primary component)

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\48,400 JPY
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\33,880 JPY
High middle class radio

High-resolution liquid crystal display
Adopting a finer dot size equivalent to MT-44. and by adopting a gray scale display while graphing with a monochrome liquid crystal display. more information can be displayed.
(3 data can be displayed on the graph)
Position optimization
Optimization of steering / throttle position without adopting offset bracket.
Supports micro SD card
* Compatible micro SD cards are micro SDHC card CLASS 2-6.
Some CLASS 10 products cannot be used.
Sanwa genuine micro SDHC card 4GB is recommended.
Industrys first low voltage
By using 3 AAA batteries. not only is it compact. but it is also lightweight.
USB charging support
The optional Li-Po 1-cell battery (LP1-2500) realizes further weight reduction and supports USB charging.

Basic contents
Method / 2.4GHz computer system FH5
Number of channels / 4ch
Transmitter / TX-491

Special equipment

[new function]
Realizes ultra response by supporting FH5 / SUR
Industrys first indicator function equipment

About the indicator function
MT-5 is a combination with RX-493i. which is the radio wave transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver.
The reception status can be confirmed on the transmitter side by the reception strength and reception rate.
By checking the reception status. it is possible to check the device failure and how to install the receiver.
I can do it.
-Reception strength (RSS): Displays the strength of the radio wave received by the receiver from the transmitter.
-Reception rate (PDR): The reception rate is high when the number of simultaneous running units is large or when other 2.4GHz devices are mixed.
It may go down.
* The indicator function is a function to check the reception status by applying telemetry.
* RX-493i has basic response performance. etc.. except that it has an indicator function.
Performance is the same as RX-493.

[Other functions]
Equipped with a movable carrying handle
Quick setup function
Safety link
Racing mode
Custom menu
Supports micro SD card / micro SDHC card
Telemetry switch function
Clock function
Environmental temperature display function
LOG data CSV output
CODE10 compatible (name compatible)
Telemetry data 3 data simultaneous display
Supports multilingual display (supports Chinese characters)
AAA battery 3 cell specifications
Li-Po 1-cell battery compatible (USB charging compatible)
Large full-dot LCD monitor
White LED backlight
Fully adjustable trigger
Telemetry function
Built-in antenna
Menu selector (multi-selector operation)
ST. TH tension adjuster
Dual rate
Endpoint adjustment
Anti-lock braking function
Servo speed
Trim / sub trim
Servo reverse
Curve (exponential / adjustable rate control)
AUX1 (Select 3ch operation type. Same function as MT-44)
AUX2 (Select 4ch operation type. Same function as MT-44)
Fail-safe function (radio wave / battery) Timer (lap / interval / down)
20 model memory (250 models when using SD card)
Model name (12 characters)
Model (select / clear / copy)
Direct model select
Trim type (center / parallel)
Throttle type (70:30 / 50:50)
RF MODE setting (FH5)
Response mode setting (NOR / SHR / SSR / SUR) * SSR and SUR must be used in combination with compatible devices.
Key assignment (SW / TRIM / DIAL / LEVER)
AUX TYPE setting
CODE AUX (with name change function)
Step AUX (steps 1 to 100)
Point AUX (2 to 6 points)
4WS mixing (FRONT / REAR / NORMAL (in-phase) / REVERSE (opposite phase))
MOA mixing (front wheel drive / four wheel drive / rear wheel drive) * Variable drive ratio
AUX mixing (ST mixing. TH mixing)
Buzzer (scale / volume change)
Transmitter battery alarm
LCD contrast
Volume adjustment
Mechanical rudder angle adjustment
Small grip pad included
Compatible receivers: RX-493i. RX-492. RX-493. RX-491
* The indicator function cannot be used with the combination of MT-5 and RX-493. RX-492. RX-491.