Connector soldering jig Solder-kun

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\2,160 JPY
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\1,980 JPY
Also compatible with XT60 & 2P connectors !!
Have you ever used a Li-Po battery instead of a jig to melt the battery case when soldering a connector. or have you overheated the connector inside the battery and caused poor contact? ??
With this jig. you can safely and easily solder the connector without worrying about it.
Since this product is set to the same width and the same hole position as the Li-Po battery. it is very convenient to set the cord from the ESC to the shortest distance and perform soldering work in the vehicle.
In addition to 4mm and 5mm battery connectors. 3.5mm brushless motor connectors and 2mm balance connectors can also be fixed.

In response to user requests. we have supported the XT60 connector (AMASS). which has been expanding its market share in recent years. and the standard 2P connector (Deans type).

Made of aluminum (black alumite)

* This product has been confirmed to be used using the genuine AMASS normal XT60 connector.
Please note that we have not confirmed compatible products or connectors with different specifications.

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