Wild One Off-Roader

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\22,000 JPY
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\16,500 JPY
Product introduction
The wild one off-roader. which gained popularity with its pipe frame and vivid black and red coloring. is finally back! !

[Racing buggy full of wildness that suits the wilderness]
A reprint of the ITEM 58050 electric radio-controlled buggy. which attracted a lot of attention with its wide and low body configuration and wild coloring based on black in 1985. with improvements added to each part while maintaining the basic configuration. is.
The form with a high scale feeling equipped with a roll cage and headlights is full of charm.
The bonnet and roof are made of lightweight. shock-resistant polycarbonate. A driver figure enhances the mood of running.
In addition. the tires set on the white-collar wheels are rib pattern tires with excellent directional stability for the front wheels. and block pattern tires for the rear wheels that demonstrate sufficient grip. You can enjoy plenty of off-road driving at speed.

[Rear-wheel drive chassis equipped with 4-wheel trailing arm suspension with oil dampers]
The frame is a light and durable ABS resin box type. The battery case can also be equipped with a 7.2V racing pack or LF battery.
The 4-wheel independent suspension of the trailing arm is a wide tread specification.
Both the front and rear are equipped with aluminum cylinder oil dampers. and the front damper mounts are also made of aluminum.
The gear case mounted on the rear end is a closed type that shuts out the intrusion of sand and pebbles that are common off-road. Built-in differential gear promises smooth cornering.
In addition. the drive shaft joint is a dog-bone type with excellent wear resistance. and dust boots are also equipped to increase the reliability of driving.
[Product specifications]
electric RC
1/10 scale
Unpainted/assembly kit
Length 425mm. Height 140mm. Width 225mm
Wheelbase = 255mm. Tread = 190mm both front and rear
Tire width/diameter = Front: 23/83mm Rear: 38/88mm
Frame = ABS resin box type
Body = Polycarbonate
Drive system = rear motor. rear wheel drive
Differential gear system = 3 bevel gears
Suspension = single trailing arm both front and rear
Dampers = Aluminum oil dampers for both front and rear
Gear ratio = 1:7.54 1:9.05
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)
Motor = 540 type

[Things to be purchased separately]

2-channel radio with ESC amplifier. battery. charger. etc.