XB Toyota GR Supra (TT-02 Chassis) Red

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\26,220 JPY
Electric car (pre-assembled)
[RC drive the popular 2-seater sports car! ]
A complete electric radio control car that reproduces Toyotas 2-seater sports car. GR Supra. which made its world debut in January 2019. The body. which realistically reproduces the characteristic shapes such as the double bubble roof. raised front and rear fenders. and rear gate duck tail. is made of lightweight and shock-resistant polycarbonate. Painted in vivid bright mica red. the windows are smoked. and the rear diffuser is painted in black. In addition. the front and rear light cases are made of separate polycarbonate parts to create a three-dimensional effect and create a fearless look. In addition. the door mirror also reproduces the three small protrusions on the side. The finish with a high sense of scale enhances the fun of driving.

[Adopts shaft 4WD. TT-02 that is easy to operate and enjoy setting]
The assembled chassis is a shaft drive 4WD TT-02 with excellent steering stability due to a well-balanced layout with the running battery on the left and the motor on the right. Suspension is 4-wheel independent double wishbone. The front and rear sealed gearboxes have built-in 4-pinion differential gears made of resin that produce smooth differentials. In addition. the wheel hub has a brake disc-like design and is equipped with a front bumper support that resembles the bumper of an actual racing kart. In addition. you can choose two types of wheelbase. vehicle height. and tread by rearranging parts. and you can also set the motor mount that allows you to select a wide range of 10 gear ratios. The black 10-spoke wheel has a silver sticker on the rim and part of the spokes. giving it a finish close to the image of the actual 19-inch wheel. Tires are equipped with racing radials with engraved tread patterns. Equipped with an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) that allows you to enjoy smooth speed control both forward and backward. The ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) is equipped with a sensor model TBLE-04S that is compatible with 15.5T or higher brushless motors.

[Using 2.4G radio that can be easily played with multiple units]
In addition to the complete car. a wheel trigger type transmitter that is ideal for car control. a 7.2V battery for running. and a charger are also included. Uses a 2.4GHz radio set that you can enjoy. 2.4GHz. which is also used for computer wireless LAN. has a one-to-one correspondence between the transmitter and the receiver (vehicle). so there is no need to worry about interference. and the transmitter and receiver are already paired. There is no need for troublesome setup work. In addition. the transmitter adopts a grip cover and a trigger cover. It can be adjusted by attaching and detaching. and has a structure that is easy to operate even for people with small hands.

[Basic specifications]
Length: 457mm. Width: 188mm. Height: 133mm Wheelbase: 257mm Tire width/diameter: Front and rear 26/66mm Frame: Bathtub type Drive system: Vertical motor. shaft drive 4WD Diff gear: Resin 4-bevel type front and rear Steering: 3-split tie-rod Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone Damper: Front and rear friction Gear ratio: Kit standard 8.27:1 ratio can be selected) Motor = 540 type Speed controller = ESC (electronic speed controller) installed

[Things to be purchased separately]
- 4 AA batteries for transmitter