Copper Fang (FM - A chassis)

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Excellent prize award boldly incorporating the design of the snake snake
It is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer adopting shaft drive four wheel drive.
Copper Fang is a machine that won the Excellence Award for Mini 4WD Design Contest 2018.
Styling that makes classic sports cars and snakes motif attractive.
The metallic orange ABS plastic body is a powerful full-bodied finished incorporating snakes head that opened its mouth wide.
Headlights that look like fangs. and panel lines like scales. attention is focused on the snake images incorporated in each part.
Also. the body side lines. head lights. logos. etc. that show the body sharply were represented with a metallic sticker.

Adopted FM-A chassis of front motor layout
The chassis adopted the front motor layout FM - A incorporating aero design.
Because the center of gravity is more than the front of the car body. even with a course with many ups and downs. it is possible to run with a sense of stability.
Starting with standard low skid bar made of low friction resin at the lower part of the front. the four rollers are also made of low friction resin.
Especially the rear roller has made it 8 mm thick type which increased stability.
Furthermore. the motor can be easily exchanged from the bottom of the chassis. and the setting change is also fast.
Various parts are attached to the aero side stay made with the hint of the sectional shape of the wing of the airplane.
The chassis body is made of black ABS resin. part A such as under panel and skid bar is black color made of low friction resin.
In addition. we attached small diameter super hard low tire to the A spoke wheel with silver plating.
Set the gear ratio to 3.5: 1.

Basic Specification
Completion length of 156 mm. full width 97 mm. total height 38 mm
With motor
Assembly is an inlay type with no adhesive required

What you need separately
Two AA batteries