Fine specs 2.4G radio set (with TRE-01)

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\9,900 JPY
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\7,200 JPY
TRE-01 unit with integrated receiver and ESC (Electronic Speed ​​Controller). servo. and radio set made up of a wheel-trigger type transmitter.
Because it uses a compact TRE-01 unit. ideal for RC car star unit series.
Driving power is beginning to 6V of 4.8V and power Champ four use of neo Champ four use. because also corresponds to the general 7.2V battery as a power source for the RC car. 1 / 10.1 / 12RC car you can also use as a use.
Of course. 2.4GHz specification that can be traveling at more than one without the need of Crystal exchange and band management.
In addition. a switch there is a transmitter on the back. switching OK the speed of the two stages of the normal power with one push.
In addition. it is the thickness adjustment of grip in the desorption of the grip cover. it can also be further trigger cover desorption. The hands of the smaller in even grip is easy to grip. making it back of the operation is likely to be.

(ITEM 45067)
¡ú TRE-01 unit
Continuous maximum current: 60A
Normal mode: advance 50%
Back 50%
Power mode: forward 100%. back 50%
Motor actuation: forward and back brake
Available motor = 370 (with Giboshi terminal). 380.540 (25 or more turns. Sport-Tuned)