NSX Lightweight Body Parts Set

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\4,536 JPY
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\3,360 JPY
HONDA/190194mm Body
Parts useful for improving the performance and setting of the RC car
It is a lightweight body made of polycarbonate that reproduces the new NSX which boasts sports car fans all over the world.
The low wide form that polished aerodynamics makes you feel good aerodynamics even if it becomes RC car body.
It is also effective for weight reduction and low center of gravity. by thinning it to 0.8 mm thick from the standard 1.0 mm thick polycarbonate kit.
Stays long distinctive door mirror is another part.
A headlamp called jewel eye of 6 lights on one side was realistically expressed by a combination of a polycarbonate light case and a sticker.
Sticker such as window frame and intake mesh of each part. set mask seals for window frame.

0.8 mm thick polycarbonate body