Manta Ray (2018)

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\14,080 JPY
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\12,670 JPY
[Run off-road as if swimming in the ocean]
This is a reproduction of the Manta Ray, an assembly kit for an electric radio-controlled 4WD buggy that was released in 1990 and was popular as an entry-level model and a base model for veterans. The style, which is based on the manta ray, a manta ray that swims gracefully through the ocean and makes big jumps in the sea, is still very attractive today.
The body, which has a protruding body reminiscent of a large fin, is made of lightweight, shock-resistant polycarbonate. The large rear wing, which stabilizes the posture during jumps, is also made of polycarbonate. In addition, the wheels are fully dished to prevent mud from getting on them, and the tires are spiked for good grip both on and off road.
In addition, you can install optional parts sold separately to further improve the performance, making it a fun car to drive off-road.

[Reliable shaft 4WD chassis supports tough driving]
The bathtub-type frame has a distinctive honeycomb pattern rib on the bottom, giving it high rigidity, and the RC mechanism and battery are mounted flat to lower the center of gravity. The suspension is a double wishbone 4-wheel independent type equipped with CVA oil damper short for excellent ground contact. The lower arm is a lightweight, high-strength hollow arm, and its smooth shape makes it less likely to get mud on it.
The 4WD system is a reliable shaft drive. The compact front and rear sealed gearboxes have built-in differential gears for smooth cornering. In addition, the gearbox has an inspection hatch, so you can check the gears while the car is in it, and all the gears can be replaced, making it easy to maintain. In addition, the 3-piece steering system provides a sharp steering feel. The rod end has a ball adjuster, making toe-in adjustment easy.

[Basic specifications]
●Length 395mm, width 250mm, height 145mm
●Wheelbase 270mm
●Weight approx. 1100g (RC mechanism and battery not included)
●Tread = 207mm front and rear
●Frame = ABS resin bathtub type with honeycomb ribs
●Drive system = Shaft drive 4WD
●Differential gear = 3 bevel differential front and rear
●Steering = 3-piece tie rod type
●Suspension = Double wishbone 4-wheel independent
●Tire width/diameter = 40/84mm front and rear
●Damper = CVA oil damper short
●Gear ratio = 8.59:1 (21T pinion gear included in the kit)
●Includes 540 type motor
●Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Items to be purchased separately]
●Fine Spec 2.4G electric RC drive set
●4 AA batteries for transmitter

[Initial release month]
May 2018

Length = 395 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

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