Super astute (2018)

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\31,320 JPY
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\20,300 JPY
2WD pure racing buggy in the 1990s reprinted
It is a reprint version Electric Radio Control Car Assembly Kit with an improved addition of the basic composition of Super Astute that was released in 1991 as a top model of a two wheel drive buggy of pure lace specification.
Equipped with 4 wheel double wishbone suspension equipped with CVA oil damper. low centroid by placing the RC mechanism and battery directly in 2.5 mm thick FRP frame.
We have used metal for the bearing of the suspension arm and the steering linkage to suppress backlash and realize linear maneuverability.
Furthermore. it is a topic that incorporates a TTC mechanism.
We also adopted 0.5 module gear with excellent transmission efficiency.
Also. combine front grip spike and rear grip tire of rear square spike to secure traction.
It conveys power without loss and realizes sharp cornering with sharpness.
In addition to a lightweight. shock-resistant polycarbonate body & rear wing. a polycarbonate undercover that protects the RC mechanism is also equipped.

Featured TTC (Tamiya · Traction Control) mechanism installed
The off-road course protects gears from shocks such as landings and crashes after jumping. and on slippery road surfaces. TTC (Tamiya · Traction Control) which stabilizes posture and brings out driving force effectively by suppressing wheel spin Equipped with functions.
Squeeze the spur gear with the slipper seat in the pressure plate and crimp it with a spring.
By removing the cap of the gear cover. turning the lock nut. changing the tension of the spring. it is possible to set it in the on-vehicle state.
In addition. the pinion gear adopts a 0.5 module with fine pitch as an off-road machine.
It has excellent power transmission efficiency and realizes sharp acceleration.

Basic Specification
Overall length 379 mm. full width 245 mm. total height 150 mm
Wheelbase = 264 mm
Tread = Front: 210 mm. Rear: 203 mm
Tire Width / Diameter = Front: 21 / 85mm. Rear: 41 / 82mm
Frame = 2.5 mm thick FRP main and sub chassis with half double deck
Drive system = Landscape motor · Rear wheel drive
Differential Gear = Planetary Type
With TTC mechanism
Steering = 3 tie rod type
Suspension = Double Wishbone 4-wheel independent
Damper = Front: CVA Damper Short. Rear: CVA Damper Long
Gear ratio = 8.49: 1 (when using Kit Standard 05 module 25T)
Motor = Optional Normal 540. 540 J. sports tune. torque tune excluded
Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

What you need separately
Brushless motor
RC Mechanism: ESC. 2 channel Prop with Low Profile Servo
Batteries for running. chargers
Power supply for transmitter

To make the drive system full bearing requires 4 1150 bearings and 5 850 bearings (sold separately).