TT-02 RR chassis kit

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\13,860 JPY
Tamiya: TT-02 chassis
[Rank up chassis which enhanced the enjoyment of setting]
A chassis kit that further tunes up the TT-02R. a shaft drive 4WD chassis full of options.
In addition to the optional parts mounted on the TT-02R. such as the aluminum toe rear rear light (3 degrees) that enhances stability during cornering. and the aluminum motor mount that raises the heat dissipation and mounting rigidity of the motor. the length of the front and rear upper arms Set the adjustable upper arm that can adjust the camber angle and the camber angle. and the oil injection type differential gear that can adjust the differential effect by injecting oil into the gear differential case.
In addition to enhancing rigidity. it also features a blue-collar hard type lower deck that makes the chassis fashionable.
The 10-spoke wheel is fitted with a medium narrothic tire (with inner sponge).
The high-performance run. of course. also greatly improved the enjoyment of the setting.

Main equipment parts
Aluminum rear upright (toe-in 3.0 degrees)
Aluminum motor mount
TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Joint
TT-02 aluminum propeller shaft
TT-02 high speed gear set
TT-02 full bearing set
Metal drive shaft. wheel axle. gearbox joint
4mm aluminum flange lock nut (blue)
5mm aluminum short ball nut (blue)
5mm aluminum pillow ball (blue)
Medium narrow racing slick tires
5mm ball connector
CVA damper & spring
Oil injection type differential gear
Adjustable upper arm

[Basic specs]
Chassis length 400 mm. chassis width 180 mm. wheel base 257/251 mm (selectable)
Tire width / diameter = 24/64 mm both before and after
Frame = Bottom shape bathtub type
Drive system = vertical motor / shaft drive 4WD
Differential gear: both front and rear die-cast 2 bevel (oil adjustable)
steering = 3 split tie rod type
Suspension: 4 wheels double wishbone
Damper = CVA Super Mini Oil Damper
Gear ratio = 6.55: 1 / 6.16: 1 (selectable)
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[What to buy separately]
1/10 touring car body various
540 type motor
Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set
Power supply for transmitter (4 AA batteries)