TT-02 TYPE-SR chassis kit

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\25,898 JPY
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\21,000 JPY
Tamiya: TT-02 chassis
Chassis total length = 361 mm Picture shows assembled kit.
* Body. tire. motor. RC mechanism. battery are not included in the kit.

[Race-oriented chassis with adjustable suspension]
The basic chassis for a 4WD touring car. TT-02. is equipped with a reversible suspension to improve running performance. and is loaded with optional parts to make it race-oriented.
A bush type adjustable suspension mount is used around the rear foot. and the toe angle and skid angle can be set by changing the bush.
The drive system that uses a metal gear box joint and drive shaft and has full bearings has a double cardan drive shaft at the front and a lightweight swing shaft at the rear to improve transmission efficiency.
In addition. the TT-02 diff lock block is installed on the front and the TT-02 oil injection type gear diff unit is installed on the rear to raise traction.
In addition. the maintainability using open type adjusters and hexagonal pillow balls is also attractive.

[Main equipment parts]
Steel adjustable rear suspension mount
Flange pipe for steering wiper
Bush for adjustable suspension mount
Drive shaft for double cardan (42 size. 2 pieces)
42mm lightweight rear swing shaft for assembly universal
TT-02 differential lock block TT-02 Oil injection type gear differential unit
Open type 5mm reinforced adjuster (8 pieces long)
5 5mm Hard Hexagon Pillow Ball TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard Type)
FRP damper stay (front / rear)
Full bearing specifications
Gunmetal color 5-spoke wheels
Hexagon screw

[Basic specifications]
Chassis length = 361 mm (excluding body etc.)
Chassis width = 185 mm
Wheel base = 257 mm
Frame = bathtub type
Drive system = vertical motor / shaft drive 4WD
Differential gear = Front: Lock. Rear: Oil injection type gear differential unit
Steering = 3 split tie rod type
Suspension = 4-wheel double wishbone
Damper = CVA oil damper both front and rear
Gear ratio = 10 kinds of gear ratio from 11.38: 1 to 7.28: 1 can be selected by combining with optional pinion
Motor = 540 type (sold separately)
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Available separately]
540 type motor
Various pinion gears (06 modules)
Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set
4 AA batteries for transmitter