Saint Dragon (2021)

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[4WD specification sacred dragon wearing a white / blue body] RC manga Radio Controlled Boy serialized in Shogakukan CoroCoro Comic started in 1983. It is an electric radio control car assembly kit of Saint Dragon that was active as a favorite car of the main character Car Go. A shaft drive 4WD chassis equipped with a double wishbone type 4-wheel independent suspension with a CVA oil damper is adopted for the bathtub frame with high maintainability. Equipped with hollow rubber spike tires with sufficient grip. it can be run anywhere from on-road to off-road. The smooth one-motion form body inspired by the head of a dragon is made of polycarbonate. It is painted white and cut. so you can complete the body just by sticking a sticker.

[Shaft drive 4WD chassis that is easy to assemble and maintain] The chassis is a shaft drive 4WD that uses a shaft for power transmission by mounting the motor in the midship. The RC mechanism is built into the lightweight and strong bathtub frame. and it is also easy to maintain by docking the front and rear gear boxes with the suspension attached. The suspension has a simple structure of upper / I arm and lower / H arm. but it is a double wishbone type 4-wheel independent suspension with excellent ground contact. A total of 4 CVA oil dampers are installed on the front and rear. and the front is equipped with a stabilizer. It runs flexibly even on rough roads. In addition. the front and rear sealed gear cases have a built-in unit type differential gear. It is also a point to adopt an aluminum motor mount with high accuracy and rigidity and excellent heat dissipation. In addition. the gear case is made compact to ensure road clearance. Together with 4WD. it produces high ability to run on rough roads.

[Basic specifications] Overall length 390mm. overall width 240mm. overall height 135mm Wheel base = 260mm Minimum ground clearance = 23mm Tread = front 203mm / rear 194mm Frame = resin bathtub type Tire width / diameter = front and rear 38 / 83mm Drive system = Shaft drive 4WD Diff gear system = 3 bevel differentials for both front and rear Steering tie rod = 3 divisions Suspension = Double wishbone 4 wheels independent Gear ratio = 7.68: 1 Motor = 540 type Speed controller = ESC specifications (sold separately) )

[Items to be purchased separately] Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set 4 AA batteries for transmitter