1990 Mercedes-Benz C 11

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\15,000 JPY
Tamiya: F1 C car chassis
Overall length = 490 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

[Champion machine that swept the 1990 season]
The Mercedes-Benz C11 dominated the season with seven wins in eight of the nine 1990 World Sportscar Championship (WSPC) races.
A 5-liter V8 twin-turbo engine is mounted on a carbon monocoque chassis.
In addition to high performance. it was also characterized by high reliability.
Also. as a junior team. three young drivers. Michael Schumacher. Karl Wendlinger. and Heinz-Harald Frentzen. who were active in German F3. were appointed. which attracted attention.
It is an electric RC car assembly kit of this champion machine that showed overwhelming strength such as deciding 1-2 finish four times at WSPC in 1990.
The body composed of smooth lines is fully modeled with polycarbonate.
Many sponsor logos and bibs (cars 1 and 2) are provided with stickers.

[Direct drive 2WD chassis with composite frame]
The chassis is a composite type that mainly uses an ABS resin bathtub frame. combines resin space frames on the front and back. and uses an FRP plate on the underside.
The highly rigid frame structure helps the suspension to move flexibly and produces sharp running performance.
The suspension is independent on the left and right with the front equipped with a coil spring on the kingpin.
The rear is a rigid type that uses a 1.5mm thick FRP T-bar. and a 3P suspension that controls the bending of the T-bar with a CVA damper.
Combined with high-grip front and rear sponge tires. it demonstrates excellent road holding.
In addition. the vehicle height can be adjusted to the front (2 steps) and rear (3 steps) by setting the spacer.
In addition. the spur gear is equipped as standard with a ball diff that protects the gear from shocks in addition to smooth operation.

[Basic specifications]
Overall length 490 mm. overall width 206 mm. overall height 110 mm
Wheelbase 280mm
Tread = front 172mm. rear 152mm
Tire width / diameter Front: 28 / 64mm Rear: 45 / 68mm
Frame = Composite type equipped with a space frame and FRP plate. mainly a resin bathtub
Drive system = horizontal motor / direct drive 2WD
Diff gear = ball diff
Steering = 2-split tie rod type
Suspension = 3P type equipped with CVA oil damper on the rear
Gear ratio = Kit standard 5.00: 1
Motor = RS-540 Sports Tune
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Items to be purchased separately]
Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set
4 AA batteries for transmitter