Tyrell P34 1977 Argentine GP

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Tamiya: F1 C car chassis/EP OFF ROAD KIT
[Six-wheeled machine with a high-scale plastic body] Entered F1 in 1976 by adopting the strange idea of ​​a six-wheeled vehicle with four front wheels, The Tyrrell P34 is the only 6-wheeled machine in F1 history that has proved not only eccentric but also high potential, such as finishing 1 or 2 in the 7th round of the Swedish Grand Prix, The following year, in the opening round of 1977, the machine introduced at the Argentine GP adopted a full cowl with excellent aerodynamics, and changed to blue & white coloring with First National City Bank as the main sponsor, It is an assembly kit of an electric radio control car that reproduces this Argentine GP specification Tyrell P34, The full cowl body is made of impact-resistant plastic with a high scale feeling, The upper part of the cowl is white, and the side pontoon part is blue parts, The stickers are for R, Petersons No, 3 car and P, Depailles No, 4 car, as well as the GOOD YEAR logo for tires, It is a nice point that the body can be finished just by sticking a sticker,

[Enjoy driving with a 6-wheel specification dedicated chassis] The chassis is a dedicated type modified to 6-wheel specifications based on the highly efficient direct drive 2WD, F103, A lightweight and simple half-double deck frame composed of FRP with an upper 1,5 mm and a lower 2,5 mm thickness is adopted, and the front is composed of an integrated lower arm and left and right separate upper arms, and four wheels are independent with a kingpin coil spring, suspension, Steer 4 wheels with one servo, The rear is a rigid type that controls the bending of the FRP T-bar with a coil spring and a low friction pad, The spur gear has a built-in ball diff that exerts a limited slip effect, In addition, sponge tires that are light and have excellent grip are attached to the front and rear wheels, It is a model with a unique driving taste,

[Basic specifications] ● Overall length 435 mm, overall width 200 mm, overall height 108 mm, body weight 800 g (RC mechanism, battery not included), ● Tread = F: 140mm R: 155mm ● Tire width / diameter = F: 23 / 44mm R: 45 / 64mm ● Frame = FRP half double deck ● Drive system = Horizontal motor Rear direct drive 2WD ● Diff gear = Ball diff ● Steering = Equal length 2-split tie rod type ● Suspension = F: Kingpin coil spring R: T bar rigid ● Gear ratio = 4,5: 1 (using 14T pinion / 63T spur gear) ● Motor = RS-540SH ● Speed ​​controller = ESC specifications (sold separately) )

[Items to be purchased separately] ● 2-channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, ESC, servo) or fine spec 2,4G electric RC drive set (battery and charger are not used) ● Tamiya LF1100-6,6V Racing Pack (M size) ● Tamiya LF-6,6V battery AC charger ● Power supply for transmitter (4 AA batteries)

Overall length = 435 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted,
* Equipped with sponge tires that are lightweight and have excellent grip on both front and rear, With 540 type motor,

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