370 torque tune motor

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\1,620 JPY
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\1,200 JPY
T3-01 parts
[Parts useful for improving the performance and setting of RC cars]
It is a highly efficient tune-up motor that can be used for the T3-01 three-wheel RC car chassis and the SW-01 1/24 comical wheelie chassis.
The running battery is ITEM55105: Tamiya LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M) or ITEM55116: 4 x AA Ni-MH batteries

¡ú T3-01¡Ä ITEM54228: Fluoro coated 06 pinion gear (26T ¡¦ 27T) (26T only). ITEM54834: T3-01 full bearing set. ITEM54857: T3-01 Integrated rear axle shaft set. ITEM54876: T3-01 Reinforced differential joint pinion Use them together.

¡ú SW-01¡Ä ITEM50354: 16T / 17T AV pinion (16T only) or ITEM50355: 18T / 19T AV pinion (18T only) combined with optional pinion gear. Please use with ITEM54900: SW-01 full bearing set. ITEM54928: SW-01 metal cross spider (4 pieces).

[Basic specifications] Maximum efficiency rotation speed: 15200r / min. Maximum efficiency torque: 7.6mN ¡¦ m. Maximum efficiency current: 2.2A (when using 7.2V battery)