RC Star Unit 1/8 Triple Wheel Dancing Rider (Completed Model)

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\15,260 JPY
Electric car (pre-assembled)/EP OTHER KIT
New feeling. experiencing 3 wheel cornering by tilting the car body!
It is a complete model of an electric R / C car reproducing a three wheel bike of one front wheel and two rear wheels.
The feature is cornering by tilting the car body.
As the name says. running like running through a corner is exactly the bike itself.
There is lots of fun to run.
The body of comical and sporty mood is supervised by Atsushi Ario. a familiar illustrator. Tamiya news.
It is made of light and durable polycarbonate and has been painted with silver (PS - 63 bright gun metal).
The rider doll wearing a helmet is of course painted already.
The RC mechanism to be mounted is FineSpec 2.4 G Prop Set (with TRE - 01).
It can run with 4 AA alkaline batteries. you can use LF 1100 battery.
Unique 3 wheel RC Dancing rider that can easily experience the maneuvering feel of a motorcycle by the same operation as the RC car.
With a wheel type transmitter. you can immediately enjoy new sense cornering by tilting the car body.

Adopted T 3 - 01. 3 wheel chassis equipped with self-raising function
It is the 3 wheel chassis that produces a new sense of driving. T3-01.
It consists of a front section equipped with an RC mechanism and a battery. and a rear section that integrates a motor and a gear box. The front and rear sections are connected by a roll shaft that rotates.
Transferring the movement of the servo mounted on the front section by the link and reacting to move the rear section creates a movement that tilts the front section left and right.
Mechanism of attention that gets up on its own is the support arm attached to the cornering servo.
When falling over. the position of the center of gravity of the car body changes by the movement of the support arm linked with the movement of the servo. the car body rises.
Just turn the steering wheel all the way in the direction of collapse.
It is fun to get up and it will surely be crazy for that operation along with cornering.
Suspension is a telescopic type with its front and rear bicycle shapes and functions.
The rear is equipped with a cam slide suspension incorporating a suspension and a damper function in a compact layout.
The rear axle has a built-in planetary differential which enhances turning performance. allowing you to enjoy light running even in a narrow indoor space.

Basic Specification
Overall length 260 mm. full width 135 mm. total height 175 mm
Wheel base = 196 mm
Tire Width / Diameter = Front 21 / 61mm. Rear 25 / 59mm
Rear tread = 91 mm
Frame = Monocoque type
Drive system = rear wheel drive
Differential Gear = Planetary Type
Suspension = front: telescopic type. rear: cam slide type
Gear ratio = 10.7: 1
With 370 type motor
Speed controller = ESC specification

What you need separately
Power source for traveling: 4 Tamiya AA batteries or Tamiya LF-1100 6.6 V Racing Pack (M)
Transmitter power supply: 4 AA alkaline batteries