Comical Willy Lunch Box Mini (Assembly Kit) (SW-01 Chassis)

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\6,860 JPY
A cute 4WD car that can drive wheelies
It is an assembly kit of a 1/24 scale electric radio control car which is familiar with the Mini 4WD and RC and the lunch box is deformed.
Compact size that can be played anywhere. indoors and outdoors is attractive.
The body is made of light and shock resistant polycarbonate.
Painted in yellow. it is also a point that has been cut for wheel arches and drilled for body mount.
The gear drive 4WDs chassis combines the front and rear differential gears and the short wheel base to achieve outstanding small turnability.
In addition. wheely traveling is possible only by holding the throttle lever of the transmitter tightly.
It is a fun filled RC car with a smile that spills out without thinking of funky movements.

Adopting gear drive 4WD. SW-01 chassis packed with fun driving
It is a 4WD chassis packed with fun in a nearly A5 compact body with a total length of 190 mm and a total width of 150 mm.
The 370 motor is set at the center of a slim and strong monocoque frame. and a gear drive 4WD that transmits power back and forth with gears is adopted.
Together with the large 70mm diameter tire. it provides a powerful ride.
In addition. a heavy battery is mounted on the upper rear of the vehicle.
A wheely run is possible only by making a quick start.
The suspension is a strut type four-wheel independent equipped with a coil spring.
A mechanism that interlocks the suspension upper with the left and right arms and interlocks with the steering is adopted.
We hold down roll in cornering and show outstanding small turnability in combination with the effect of the differential gear equipped with back and forth.
I do not choose the place to run from indoor to outdoor.

[Basic specs]
Length: 190mm. Width: 150mm. Height: 140mm
Wheel base 92 mm
Tread = 122 mm both before and after
Tire width / diameter = 28mm / 70mm both before and after
Frame = monocoque type
Drive system = gear drive 4WD
Differential gear system = planetary type
Steering tie rod = 3 split
Suspension = before and after MacPherson strut type
Gear ratio = 21.88: 1
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)
Motor = 370 type

[What to buy separately]
4 Tamiya AA batteries for travel. or Tamiya LF-1100 6.6V racing pack (size M)
4 AA batteries for transmitter