First try RC kit TT-02B chassis (with neoscoature body)

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\8,800 JPY
Total length = 380 mm
Part of the parts is set in a completed state. and the assembly work proceeds smoothly.

[Easy to assemble kit. perfect for fans of RC Buggys first challenge!]
I want to try the RC buggy kit. but Im happy for fans who think Is it a little hurdle to assemble everything from the beginning?
The body of Neo Scocher is set on the electric RC buggy chassis that sets the part that takes a little time to complete.
As it can be assembled at a good tempo. it is also ideal as a work kit for parents and children to try.
Based on the TT-02B chassis. which is a basic 4WD buggy with excellent handling stability. Completed by assembling the undercarriage and mounting a motor and RC mechanism.
As you assemble it yourself. you can understand the structure of the RC car. and work to set up and improve performance is smooth.
Of course. it is also attractive that you can freely choose the RC mechanism. Lets try on the RC buggy kit!

[Some parts of the basic buggy chassis TT-02B are in a semi-finished state! ]
The greatest point is that the shaft drive 4WD TT-02B chassis. which is easy to assemble and has excellent maneuverability. is designed to be even more fun and speedy to assemble.
The front and rear differential cases. propeller shaft. and steering system parts that have been assembled are attached to the bathtub type frame.
In addition. the suspension arm and front upright. which are tricky to assemble. are also completed.
In addition. the CVA oil damper is also assembled. so it is easy to add oil using the stand included in the kit.
In addition. we have prepared an easy-to-use dedicated assembly explanatory diagram. The kit also includes Neo Scocher body and marking sticker.
It will be fun to paint with your favorite coloring and finish it as an original machine.

[Basic specifications]
Completed length with body attached 380mm. width 250mm. height 145mm
Wheelbase 266mm
Tread = Front 217mm. Rear 208mm
Frame = Bathtub type
Drive system = Shaft drive 4WD
Differential gear = 4 bevel differentials in front and back
Steering = 3 split tie rod type
-Suspension = 4-wheel double wishbone
Tire width/diameter = 32/82mm front. 41/82mm rear
-Damper = CVA oil damper
Gear ratio = 10.71:1 (pinion gear included in kit)
With 540 type motor
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Available separately]
Running battery. RC device (including batteries for transmitter). We recommend the Fine Spec 2.4G Electric RC Drive Set which is a set of running battery and RC device.