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\11,664 JPY
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\8,910 JPY
Overall length = 384 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

[2WD buggy that makes you happy to drive lightly]
It is an assembly kit of electric radio control 2WD buggy that you can enjoy plenty of lightness from off-road to on-road.
The bathtub frame with a low center of gravity is equipped with a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with an oil damper. and full bearing specifications are attractive.
The sharp body with edgy and the large rear wing are made of light and shock-resistant polycarbonate.
The tires built into the gray wheels that complement the bright yellow body are wide grooved front wheels with excellent directionality. and the rear wheels are high-grip square spikes.
The light driving unique to 2WD is attractive.

[Two-wheel drive DT-02 chassis with high performance]
A bathtub frame with a low center of gravity and excellent weight balance is adopted. such as setting the running battery vertically in the center and mounting the RC mechanism flat.
The suspension is a long-arm double wishbone 4-wheel independent that captures rough roads flexibly.
Equipped with 4 CVA oil dampers with excellent shock absorption. camber adjustment is also possible using a screw shaft on the upper arm.
In addition. the sealed gear box that prevents sand and pebbles from entering has a built-in differential gear to ensure smooth cornering.
Equipped with a total of 14 ball bearings in the drive system to reduce power loss.
In addition. the drive shaft and joint cup are made of metal to improve driving reliability.

[Basic specifications]
Overall length 384 mm. overall width 248 mm. overall height 140 mm
Wheelbase = 260mm
Minimum ground clearance = 26mm
Body weight = 1042g
Motor = 540 type
Drive system = 2 rear wheel drive
Tread F / R = 216mm / 208mm
Diff gear method = 3 bevel diff
Steering tie rod = 2 divisions
Suspension F / R = Double wishbone
Gear ratio = 9.28: 1

[Items to be purchased separately]
RC mechanism: Exspec GT-I 2.4G (set for electric RC car) or 2-channel radio with FET amplifier
Speed controller
Batteries / Chargers: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or 7.2V Advance Pack