Hotshot - 1/10 Re-Release

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appeared in 1985 as the first shaft 4WD racing buggy Tamiya Racing Buggy 4WD - Shaft Tamiya first became a subject of adoration]. I was immediately captivated many fans and militant form of low center of gravity with a high-performance driving laden with innovative mecha. Chassis 3-piece structure made up of longitudinal gearbox and monocoque center. It boasts high maintainability. Double wishbone suspension equipped with oil dampers front and rear mono-shock and stabilizer. Rear progressive type which adopted the push rod and the connecting plate in particular. In addition the gear box had a built-in differential gears and thrust ball bearings sealed around. Because I use a lot of special parts for hot shot only for fans young and machine has become out of reach I was on the contrary that it stirs a longing. Hot shot that became an epoch-making one that established the genre of 4WD racing buggy. I will release a reprint requests to respond to the voice of the No.1 resale.

Based on the concept design to the structure or form would not put your hands as much as possible [facsimile edition has been updated to accept the basic configuration of the attractive [reprinted edition has been updated only the parts difficult to assemble and the part that does not fit the status quo Hot Shot (2007 is). Intact and other major mechanical front and rear double wishbone suspension equipped with a mono-shock damper shaft drive 4WD type of adjustable front and rear drive shaft and propeller shaft change the dog bone type and reliable. Was a diaphragm type oil dampers also now mainstream. Also in order to use the ESC to the speed controller the aluminum heat sink kit facsimile edition of the original rear is not required. However this part has also become a hot point of the rear view shot was left intact as a dummy. Hot Shots hit a fade still not attractive. I also enjoy driving compared with modern 4WD off road racer.

Body weight about 1270g Tread = 194mm Overall width 150mm Height: 235mm 390mm Specifications Length = shaft drive system made of resin = F28/82mm R34/82mm monocoque frame = ABS / diameter Tire Width (front and rear) Motor = RS540 specification = 8.1:1 10.04:1 Speed ​​controller = ESC type double wishbone Gear Ratio = Equation 4 wheel tie rod Suspension Steering: 3-piece front and rear bevel drive 4WD Front =

Various Advanced Pack 7.2V or 7.2V Racing Pack Tamiya Charger: 2-channel radio system with ESC Battery or export spec GT-I : RC mechanism Separately Required Items

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