DB01 Durga - DB01

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\25,704 JPY
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\18,320 JPY
A race-oriented electric radio control buggy assembly kit that inherits the genes of the high-end 4WD racing buggy. TRF501X.
Achieves high drive efficiency by adopting an equal length 2-belt drive 4WD with the spur gear located in the center of the car body.
The spur gear and drive belt are covered with resin parts to protect the drive system from the pebbles and dirt that accompany off-road.
In addition. the front and rear bulkheads are integrated with the frame parts.
The number of parts is reduced to improve maintainability.
The suspension is a 4-wheel double wishbone inherited from TRF501X.
Equipped with a CVA damper and a turnbuckle on the upper arm for speedy delicate settings.
In addition. a ball diff is standard equipment in a compact front and rear gear case. Equipped with high density spike tire K that demonstrates good grip on a wide range of road surfaces.
¡ú Overall length 395 mm. overall width 248 mm. overall height 157 mm when completed
[What you need separately]
Motor RS540 type
Power power supply: Tamiya 7.2V Racing Pack or 7.2V Advance Pack. 8 AA batteries for transmitter. RC mechanism: Fine spec FM electric RC drive set Motor: RS540 type