(August restock reservation)Avante (2011)

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Total length = 420 mm The picture shows the kit assembled and painted

A new legend starts running!
Electric RC 4WD racing buggy. Avante developed in 1988 with full of Tamiyas technologies and participation in the big race.
Using the high-performance mechanism and high quality materials luxuriously. combined with innovative style. RC fans were captivated. Tamiya RC can be said to be the monumental monument in the history of RC The basic composition of this machine is compatible with the modern RC scene Avante (2011) is a reprinted version with improved improvements.
We increased the strength by using carbon parts. improved the maintenance of the oil damper. and made pin type for the hex lock hub for fixing the cam lock wheel. and also used the assembly universal shaft. we also considered the compatibility of the parts.
In addition. the package form was still intact at that time. Avante (2011) which brushed up each part. a new legend starts running again now.

High-quality vertical motor shaft 4WD chassis conscious of the race
Chassis of longitudinally mounted motor · shaft drive 4WD changed from FRP double deck frame to 2mm thick carbon made from both upper and lower.
The rear damper stay was also made of 3.5 mm thick carbon to ensure high strength.
The 4WD system is a very compact planetary type differential in the front and back. 3 differential configuration adopting a ball differential that protects the gear from a strong impact at the center.
We equipped a total of 23 ball bearings to thoroughly suppress drive loss.
Also. install three inspection hatches in the front and rear gear boxes.
Maintenance of the gear is possible without detaching the gearbox from the car body.
Suspension is a four wheel double wishbone type.
The suspension arm which adopted the ball end for the metal threaded shaft is highly precise and delicate length adjustable.
Upright is aluminum scraping parts which increased strength while pursuing the original shape.
Radial Arm Protector and Cam Lock Wheel which absorbs sudden shocks and protects the arm are also intact.
High performance chassis which had a great influence on subsequent machines. plus a lot of interesting mechanics as well as high performance running.

Basic Specification
Overall length 420 mm. full width 240 mm. total height 140 mm
Wheel base 260 mm
200 mm before and after the tread
Tire Width / Front and Rear = 38 / 88mm
Frame = 2mm thick carbon double deck
Drive system = vertically mounted motor · shaft drive full time 4WD
Differential Gear = FR · Planetary Type Center · Ball Def
Steering = 3 tie rod type
Suspension = ball connect type 4 wheel double wishbone
Damper = oil damper with metal cylinders in both front and rear
Gear ratio = 8.33: 1
Motor = 540 type (25T)
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

What you need separately
Ekusupekku GT-I 2.4 Prop Set (set for electric R / C car)
Four AA size batteries for transmitter