August restock reservationˡFast Attack 2011

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\18,300 JPY
Military look is powerful light weight two wheel drive buggy
Appeared in 1984 as an electric radio control car assembly kit that imagined military high speed buggy. it is a reprint version with improvements to each part while keeping the basic composition of Attack Buggy. which the figure looked low and the military look attracted the topic.
Modeling rich in scales such as driver dolls. roll cages. machine guns. head lights.
Of course you can paint with paint for plastic model. as well as set of sticker for camouflage pattern of black · white · olive drag.
Just by pasting on bonnet or roll cage etc.. it is easily finished to camouflage painting.
Also. the tire has a rib pattern with excellent directionality on the front wheels and a block type with good grip force on the rear wheels.
I am looking forward to off-road running with raising the dirt.

Adopt Wide & Lows tough rear wheel drive chassis
The frame is light and durable ABS plastic box type.
The battery case can also be equipped with 7.2 V racing pack and LF battery.
Four wheel independent suspension with coil spring and trailing arm is wide tread specification of 186 mm in both front and rear.
A low center of gravity design that mounts the battery in the lowest part of the frame enables stable running even on rough roads.
The gear case mounted on the rear end is a sealed type that shuts out the invasion of sand and pebbles inherent in off road.
It is guarded by the roll cage and has a sense of scale.
Moreover. it incorporates a differential gear and promises smooth cornering.
In addition. the joint of the drive shaft is equipped with a dog bone type excellent in wear resistance. dust boots are also equipped to improve the reliability of running.

Basic Specification
Total length 430 mm
Overall height 150 mm
Overall width 220 mm
Body weight approximately 1200 g
Wheel base = 255 mm
Tread = front and rear 186 mm
Tire Width / Diameter = Front 19 / 74mm Rear 35 / 83mm
Frame = ABS plastic box type
Drive system = rear wheel drive
Differential gear method = 3 bevel gear
Suspension = front and rear trailing arm
Damper = Friction both before and after
Gear ratio = 1: 7.54 1: 9.05
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)
Motor = 540 type

What you need separately
FineSpec FM Electric RC Drive Set
8 AA size batteries for transmitter