Super Hotshot 2012

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\36,080 JPY
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\25,250 JPY
This is a reprinted RC buggy assembly kit that has been improved while maintaining the basic configuration of the 4WD racing buggy that appeared in 1986 as a special specification for hot shots.
It has a tough body that can withstand hard driving. such as a monocoque frame made of ABS resin. a roll cage. and an under guard.
A reliable and highly durable shaft drive system is used to transmit power to the front and rear wheels.
Ball bearings are used for all bearings such as gearboxes and axles.
Transfers motor power to the tires without waste.
In addition. the double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension is equipped with 4 oil dampers. The spring strength can be changed in 3 stages. and it can be set according to the road surface.
A stabilizer is also attached to the rear.
In addition. a GT tune motor (25T) is standard equipment. allowing you to enjoy driving at high speed.
The body and wings are made of flexible and shock-resistant polycarbonate.

(ITEM 58517)
¡ú Overall length 390 mm. width 235 mm. height 150 mm with motor
[What you need separately]
Power power supply: Tamiya running battery RC mechanism: Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set