Lancia Delta Integrale (XV-01 chassis)

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\22,930 JPY
Tamiya: XV-01 chassis
[Style and also run hot. WRC Champion of 1992]
World Rally Championship Champion of 1992. is the electric RC car assembly kit of the Lancia Delta Integrale. Realistic in polycarbonate form an attractive four-door hatchback style of box 2 which was based on straight line. such as blister fenders front and rear and edgy. And bulge the hood. air intake many bored in the front bumper lets you feel high-performance. In addition. roof spoiler and door mirror is also available in different parts. Martini stripe familiar is finished to leave the vehicle in a large sticker in the motor sports scene. Chassis adopts the XV-01 on the front motor belt drive 4WD. By mounting a rally block tire. run a dynamic served to flat dirt from on-road.

[XV-01 chassis front motor belt drive 4WD]
Chassis adopts the XV-01 of the belt drive 4WD corresponding to traveling on dirt road. of course. Increase the driving stability by mounting to the front-end motor. main frame box structure with excellent dust resistance. Including the gear box front and rear. as well as full cover RC mechanism and drive belt. a battery and an opening for discharging the stone and mud while driving to the frame back. it was equipped with the inner fender for mudguard. The steering linkage. long type wheel alignment is hard to change a tire even if the up or down in the gap. such as traveling. Battery to be vertical replaceable bottom hatch specification without removing the body. In addition. the rear sealed gearboxes. I have a built-in Giyadefu of high-performance oil-filled.

Basic Specifications
Length: 407mm. Width 186mm. Height 155mm
Wheelbase: 257mm
27/69mm both tire width / diameter: before and after
Frame = monocoque
Drivetrain belt drive 4WD
oil-filled Giyadefu both before and after Diff =
Steering: 3-piece tie-rod
Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone
damper = CVA oil dampers
(68T spur of standard kit. 22T pinion at the time) gear ratio = 8.04:1
drive system Full Ball Bearings
540 type motor with
Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Which you purchase separately]
Ekusupekku GT-I 2.4G (electric RC car for set)
4 3 form this battery for transmitter single
traction battery & charger