Nova Fox

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\21,384 JPY
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\16,330 JPY
Total length = 425 mm The picture shows the kit assembled and painted

The leading figure of a boogie boom that took back the resurrection
In the late 1980s. 2WD buggy that gained popularity along with hot shots reappears.
Simple and slim body which imagined the real racing buggy is made of polycarbonate.
The rear is also equipped with independent polycarbonate wing.
Coloring also follows the image at that time.
In addition. the cockpit also reproduces the driver dolls and has a feeling of running.
Furthermore. it is the gold plating wheel that directs the foot.
You can enjoy the off-road riding with the rib pattern on the front and the oval block tire on the rear.

Rear wheel drive chassis updated according to the current RC scene
We have inherited the basic configuration as it is. such as monocoque frame with high dust-proof property with RC mechanism inside. double wishbone with front shocked monostable. updated according to the current RC scene.
First. change the drive shaft to dog bone type.
Equipped with a stabilizer to suppress excessive roll due to the monoshock adopted at the front.
A total of 8 ball bearings are equipped as standard on the inside of the sealed gearbox and rear upright to minimize drive loss.

Basic Specification
Length 425 mm
Overall height 133 mm
Overall width 225 mm
Body weight Approximately 1140 g (excluding RC mecha · battery)
Wheel base = 260 mm
Tread = Front: 198mm. Rear: 183mm
Tire Width / Diameter = Front: 23 / 83mm Rear: 38 / 88mm
Frame = ABS resin made monocoque type
Drive system = rear wheel drive
Differential gear method = 3 bevel gear
Suspension = Double Wishbone 4-wheel independent
Damper = Equipped with three CVA oil damper before and after
Gear ratio = 1: 8.7 1: 7.25
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)
Motor = 540 type Square prismatic Tamiya LF 3700-6.6V racing pack (sold separately) can not be used for running batteries.

What you need separately
FineSpec 2.4G electric RC drive set
Four AA size batteries for transmitter