Skyline GT-R (R33) (TT-02D) drift spec

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Tamiya: TT-02 chassis/EP DRIFT KIT
[I enjoy the thrilling drift in R33GT-R]
This is the electric radio control car assembly kit that reproduces the announced fourth generation Skyline GT-R (R33) at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January 1995.
Wide of volume and realism body compared to the R32 predecessor. reproduces the dauntless expression that air intake has been opened to the bumper and lip spoiler to Real in polycarbonate.
Door mirror and rear wing is tightening the form as separate parts. the rear wing can be selected angle of high-low.
Chassis by drift tune the popular TT-02 as basic shaft drive 4WD. you can enjoy thrilling drift is plenty.

[Shaft 4WD of basic chassis. and drift tune the TT-02]
Chassis. excellent steering stability. maintainability is also high. TT-02D recombination in wheelbase and tread of parts where the TT-02 of each two choose also possible shaft drive 4WD Settings such as. to tune in for the drift .
To mesh wheel of matte chrome-plated finish. and set a drift-only plastic tire of 24mm width.
And fitted with a CVA oil dampers Super Mini in double wishbone independent suspension.
In addition. it is possible to suppress the loss of drive system is full bearing of. the Sport-Tuned motor was also equipped with aluminum motor heat sink.

Basic Specifications
Length: 464mm. overall width 184mm. height 136mm
Wheelbase 257mm
Tire Width / Diameter = before and after both 24 / 63mm
frame = bottom shape bathtub type
Drivetrain = vertical motor shaft drive 4WD
Front and Rear = resin 4 bevel type
Steering: 3-piece tie rod
Suspension: 4-wheel double wishbone
damper = CVA oil dampers Super Mini
Gear Ratio = kit standard 8.27: 1 (in a combination with the optional pinion of 11.38: 1 to 7.28: can be selected 10 types of gear ratio of up to 1)
Motor = 540 Sport-Tuned
drive system full bearing specification
Speed Controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[What you purchase separately]
Fine specs 2.4G electric RC drive set
single three shape battery 4 for transmitter